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Measurement Guide

What you Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape

What to Do:

Measure every window that you want to cover. Do not assume that every window is the same size, even though they may appear to be. Use a metal measuring tape: more accurate than cloth tapes. Round measurements to the nearest one-eighth (1/8)of an inch. Record and label each measurement to indicate which window the measurements are for, and which is the width, the length, etc. How to measure curtains & draperies

Step 1: Determine the width

Measure desired width across the window. Because not all windows are exactly square; measure the top, middle, and bottom.Panels will be gathered on the rod/pole so you will require extra fabric. Multiply the desired width times 2 or 3 (depending on desired fullness) and order the appropriate amount of panels to achieve this look.

Record the widest of the 3 measurements:_____inches to the nearest 1/8”.

Multiply this number x 2 (or 3) = _____. (order this width).

Step 2: Determine the length

Measure from the top where your panels will be hung to the desired length. Panels usually hang from the rod to the windowsill, apron, or floor.

Tip: If you select pinch-pleat draperies and will be hanging them with clips or other decorative accessories, youw ill need to adjust the height of your hardware to achieve the look you want.

To windowsill:

Record your measurement: _____inches to the nearest 1/8”. Subtract ½” from this number = ______. Order this length.

To Apron:

Record your measurement: ______inches to the nearest 1/8”. Order this length.

To Floor:

Record your measurement: ________inches to the nearest 1/8”. Subtract ½” from this number = _____. This is your length.

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